Get to Know Your Orthodontists

When you’re visiting Chamberlain Family Orthodontics for your appointments, you might learn a thing or two about Dr. A and Dr. C here and there – but do you know what made them want to become orthodontists? What about their favorite success stories? We sat down with Dr. A and Dr. C to give you the behind-the-scenes scoop about what it’s like being an orthodontist, what their favorite treatment methods are, and what they do outside of work, so keep reading to get to know your orthodontists! 

When you’re not thinking about teeth, what do you like to do for fun? 

Dr. A: I like to do all kinds of things, from golf and puzzles to reading – especially mystery novels. I love to indulge in relaxing spa days, and I’m a fan of tea parties. 

Dr. C: I’m a big sports guy. I like to surf, ski, and golf, and when I’m not playing, I like to watch baseball and football.

How did you know you wanted to become an orthodontist? 

Dr. A: Growing up in my parents’ household, the world was all about teeth. My mom is a dental hygienist, and my dad, of course, is an orthodontist. You could definitely say that the love for making patients smile runs in the family! 

Dr. C: I started thinking about becoming an orthodontist when I got my own braces. I was 12, and the whole process of helping people smile seemed really cool. From then on, I never considered doing anything else. 

What is it like co-running your own practice? 

Dr. A: Operating our own practice gives us a wider range of flexibility than we might have with bigger, corporate-owned practices. It allows us to put our patients at the center of every treatment plan without limiting our decisions or potential treatment methods. Essentially, it gives us the freedom to do what is best for the patient every single time.

Dr. C: With my daughter? Oh, it’s the most fantastic thing. She’s so upbeat, and she loves what she does so much that anyone would want to work with her! We have really similar treatment philosophies, and having another orthodontist on the team means our patients always have a built-in second opinion, even if they don’t realize it! I am the fun one, though! 

What is your personal treatment philosophy? 

Dr. A: My treatment philosophy really ties back to our practice name. Chamberlain Family Orthodontics – emphasis on the “family.” We treat every patient like they’re a family member, and I think I speak for our whole team when I say that. Many of our family members, myself included, have had treatment at CFO, and we really strive to show the same level of care and dedication to each and every patient just like we would with our own families.

Dr. C: I always keep the patient experience in mind, and the most important thing to me is changing how patients view themselves by making them feel more confident in their smiles. Overall, our team is very patient-centric, and we value data-driven approaches in a family-friendly environment – but no matter what, the patient experience comes first!

Do you have a favorite treatment method? 

Dr. A: Let me start by saying every patient is different and requires a unique treatment plan, but if I had to pick a favorite, it’s definitely Invisalign. Invisalign is a high-tech treatment option, and as a result, it’s more precise and predictable than other appliance types. It also lets us offer touch-ups and targeted treatment options for patients who want to fine-tune their smiles without undergoing a full treatment plan, making these options safe and affordable alternatives to direct-to-consumer products like mail-order aligners. 

Dr. C: My favorite treatment is whatever works best for the patient. There are always going to be nuanced differences between each case, and that means there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to orthodontic treatment. At our consults, it’s fun to show patients their 3D digital smile simulations so they can see how we’ll shape their smiles from start to finish. 

What is your most memorable patient success story, and what made it so special? 

Dr. A: It’s really hard to narrow it down! We really try to make every smile reveal special for our patients, and we put a lot of effort into each one, so if I could answer the question a little differently, I’d say the smile reveals are my favorite part of the job. 

We time the braces removal process so that our patients and their loved ones see their new smile at the exact same time, with confetti cannons shooting off in the background. It can be a really emotional moment, especially when young patients bear hug their parents and thank them for giving them the opportunity to get treatment. 

Dr. C: We recently completed treatment for a patient with Down syndrome. At first, he really didn’t want to get braces and really resisted the process, but by the end, he loved coming for every appointment. It was really fun to watch him grow in confidence. His family was phenomenal during the process! We still see him for retainer appointments. He’s a superstar. 

Of course, I also treated Dr. A when she was a little girl! It’s no surprise that she did everything she was supposed to every step of the way. It was a cakewalk. My son, on the other hand…well, not so much. It was like pulling teeth to get him to follow my instructions (no pun intended!), so I understand parents who struggle with kids not sticking to their treatment plan. I have first-hand experience! But they always come around. 

Meet the Team at Chamberlain Family Orthodontics 

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