Transferring Into Treatment at Chamberlain Family Orthodontics

Did you just find out that you’re moving to Redlands or Beaumont? Making a move when you’re mid-treatment can be stressful, but with these tips and tricks for transferring into treatment at Chamberlain Family Orthodontics, you can get ahead of your transition and make the most of your move. Keep reading to learn more! 

Your Transfer To-Do List

Being proactive is the most important thing when it comes to transferring into a new orthodontic office. Getting ahead of the game will help you stay on track with treatment and feel more comfortable with your new provider in the long run, so here’s your to-do list if you’ve just found out you’re moving. 

Step 1: Find a New Provider

First things first, researching and finding a new orthodontist in whichever area you’re moving to is priority #1. Just like when you started treatment, it’s important to find a new orthodontist who has excellent reviews, offers the appliance type you currently have, and has the expertise and accreditation to back up their work. And while dentists are your go-to for general oral hygiene maintenance, you should be sure you’re seeing a licensed orthodontist to straighten your teeth and align your bite. 

For patients moving to Redlands or Beaumont, you’ll find highly trained providers at Chamberlain Family Orthodontics. As craniofacial development specialists, the Chamberlain team has years of experience treating patients with a wide range of needs. We believe that creating beautiful smiles requires a blend of science and artistry, which amounts to a precise and thorough treatment plan for all of our patients. And with flexible payment plans, we’ll do our best to ensure your transfer is handled as smoothly and affordably as possible. 

Step 2: Transfer Your Records to Your New Orthodontist

Once you’ve chosen a new orthodontist, it’s time to ask your current provider to transfer your case files, including your diagnostic records, treatment notes, appliance information, and financial history. Completing this step helps ensure that no detail of your treatment is overlooked during the transition.

Step 3: Get Started Quickly After Relocation

Remember, even though you’re changing providers, your appliances are still active. You can’t put your treatment plan on pause, so it’s important to schedule a transfer consultation – or multiple consultations, so you can be sure you’re finding the right fit – as far in advance as possible to reduce delays in treatment and keep your plan on track for success. Your new orthodontist will need time to obtain updated records, review your case, and adjust the treatment plan.

Transferring Into Treatment at Chamberlain Family Orthodontics

What to Expect from Your Transition

Now that you have your to-do list in hand, there are a few things you might notice when you transfer to a new orthodontist during active treatment. 

Appliance Changes

Because each orthodontist has their own process, it is possible that your new provider will remove your current brackets or attachments and replace them with prescriptions and designs they are more familiar with. This does not mean that your previous treatment approach was flawed – it simply reflects the reality that there is an artistic component of orthodontics and that providers use different tools and techniques depending on their personal treatment philosophies and preferred mechanics. While appliance changes may seem counterintuitive at first, these changes will ultimately help you reach your treatment goals faster.

If you’re joining Chamberlain Family Orthodontics mid-treatment, you can expect a thorough treatment approach that typically involves appliance removal and reattachment. This process could even give you the opportunity to switch from metal braces to Invisalign, which could be an unexpected perk to look forward to!  

Treatment Time Adjustments

It is important to recognize that transitioning to a new provider will extend your estimated treatment time. This is because the transition process essentially requires you to repeat important treatment steps, including consultations, diagnostic records, and treatment planning, as well as possible appliance removal and reattachment. Not to mention, delaying transfer consultations extends this process even further. 

Cost Variations

Orthodontic treatment fees vary widely throughout the country, and it is reasonable to expect that a transfer will increase the overall treatment cost, especially if you have already utilized your insurance benefits with your last orthodontist.

Fortunately, Chamberlain Family Orthodontics offers a series of flexible payment options that make continuing treatment more affordable. You can read more about them here. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that officially transferring your Invisalign or InBrace lab case to our office will likely reduce your overall treatment cost.

Transferring Into Treatment at Chamberlain Family Orthodontics

Transfer with Confidence at Chamberlain Family Orthodontics

Although it might feel overwhelming at first to consider changing orthodontic providers, with the proper steps in place, you can feel confident that your treatment plan will continue without a hitch. Simply by being proactive, doing your research, and choosing the right orthodontist, you’ll set yourself up for long-term success. If you’re moving to Redlands or Beaumont and have already started orthodontic treatment, schedule your transfer consultation with Dr. Chamberlain today!